Where's your special place?

A few weeks ago I posted on Instagram about a bit of a dilemma I’ve been having with the direction Ta Muchly is heading in. Without realizing it, I’d somehow fallen into the trap of saying ‘Yeah, I can do that,’ to anything people asked me to make. And while of course I CAN make that custom design, or make thousands of paper flowers for a wedding, I came to the stark realization that I don’t actually want to!

Now before you think I’m some kind of diva, let me explain!

I’ve mentioned before that I worked as an Interior Designer for over 15 years. Let’s just say that on a commercial level, that’s not as glamorous as it sounds! I decided a long time ago that I didn’t really want to continue down that path, but that was more to do with the politics and lack of freedom with the designs, rather than anything else. So when I launched Ta Muchly last year, in my head it was very obvious that there was a huge link to interior design, and that was something I was definitely keen to pursue, after all, it’s been a massive part of my life to date.

What I didn’t realize, is that I didn’t exactly explain that part very well! And as it turns out, the link between my products and interiors/home decor wasn’t that clear. So when people saw my work, in particular the paper flowers, they didn’t really understand the purpose. Most assumed they were for weddings, but then the cost of paper versus real flowers is hard to justify for just one day. And when I started to ask questions, it became very clear that no one really understood the link between the paper cuts, prints and the flowers anyway.

So, I’ve been taking a step back over the last few weeks, really thinking about where Ta Muchly is heading, and what I want it to be.

You may have heard me launch the new tag line ‘Bring the World Home’, which really sums up my thoughts. Travel home decor gifts, which celebrate memories of a special place. So going forward, Ta Muchly will be focusing on celebrating life’s special journeys. 

What that means is going to be different to each person. Maybe you travelled to Australia and New Zealand on your honeymoon, and you’re looking for a print or papercut that reminds you and your other half of that trip, and makes them smile every time they look at it. (Also bonus brownie points up for grabs, as the theme for first anniversary wedding presents is paper!)

Australia map mandala print

Maybe you want some paper flowers which remind you or your home town, or the Country you got married.

Or if you’re a parent who’s kids are about to head off to college, maybe a map of home might be a useful reminder to call you every once in a while!

Edmonton papercut map

Some of our customers have also started gallery walls with our prints, showing the places they’ve travelled to, where they’re from, and where they’ve set down roots now. I absolutely love this idea, and it would be great to see photo’s if you’re thinking of doing the same!

With each new collection launch at Ta Muchly, a new place will be featured. I love to hear your feedback on the designs, so if there’s a certain place you’re hoping to see next please do let me know. You could help shape the next collection!

As well as focusing on a travel specific theme, I also plan to bring interiors more to the forefront. For now at least this will probably be focusing on my own home, which we bought in December 2018, and as yet haven’t really done a lot to! So follow along on the journey with me, and see how I incorporate the latest Ta Muchly collections into the design of our house. I’ll also try to share some design tips and inspiration with you along the way.

My first destination will be our Guest Bedroom (previously painted a VERY dark green, which has to go, but more on that soon)! I’m hoping to feature some of our Canada themed designs in there, so stay tuned to see how they make an appearance.

Maple leaf mandala print

Until then, I’d love to hear your favourite places and destinations. Where holds a special memory for you? Let me know in the comments below, or on our Instagram page @tamuchly_design and share how you would Bring the World Home.

Michelle x

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