My Thoughts on Fall Home Decor

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Okay, let’s talk seasonal decor. Apparently this week marked the official end of Summer, and start of Fall. Although I’m pretty sure nobody told Calgary that, as we’ve been yo-yoing between Winter evenings, Fall mornings, and Summer afternoons for at least a month now, and there’s snow forecast in the next few days! Yep, snow. In September. Welcome to Canada! But to be honest, it’s two weeks later than we got the first snowfall last year, so I’m down with that!

So while here in Alberta we’re left confused about what season we’re in, and needing at least three outfit changes a day in an attempt to keep up, the rest of the world seems to be preparing for the arrival of Fall. (To my non-American/Canadian friends reading this, I know, yes I’m sorry, of course I mean Autumn! I’m still struggling to get my head around that one too, why do we have the same words for 75% of the year, but that one we change? Anyone know? Let me know in the comments below!)


My Instagram feed is currently full to the brim of people decorating their homes, inside and out, with pumpkins, orange hues, and earthy toned wreaths. I’ve just got back from walking Harvey Dog, and at least a third of the houses we passed on our walk were fully decked out for Fall. I saw one guy even repainting his front door a burnt orange colour. Seriously, maybe it’s just a coincidence on the timing, but the suspicious amount of pumpkins on the porch next to him make me think otherwise! Those houses who haven’t (yet) gone all out, seem to have made some sort of token gesture too. Quite a few seem to now be sporting yellow, red and orange flowers out the front of their houses. Flowers which I swear either weren’t there, or were different colours last week.


And that’s what I don’t get. Don’t get me wrong, I love to see Fall decor, when it’s done well at least. But why the hell would you plant new flowers outside one week before 15cm of snow is forecast? Honestly, what is the point?! With the low temperatures that the snow is going to bring, those pretty little chrysanthemum’s will be lucky to survive a week. Aside from the cost, should we really be trashing live plants just for a temporary splash of colour? I mean the trees are doing a good enough job of that already, there’s some seriously impressive and beautiful displays of nature going on right now. We’re lucky enough to live in quite a leafy neighbourhood, and our local council is pretty good at maintaining the landscaping too, so we are surrounded by so many well established trees and bushes, and they’re all doing a magnificent job of showing off their Fall best. Isn’t that enough?

The other question doing the rounds on social media at the moment is, “How do I stop my pumpkins rotting?” And there seem to be so many recommendations on where to buy reasonably priced pumpkins from too. But if I’m honest, I think it’s all starting to go a bit overboard. A few nice pumpkins placed in a small group to create a carefully considered home decor accent, I’m all for. I think it looks lovely, and a few is not going to break the bank, nor matter when they start to rot in a week or two. But there seems to be so many content creators and influencers out there buying upwards of 20 pumpkins, just to decorate their front porch, and that’s without all the extras that go with it. In a society that seems to have a huge focus on sustainability, and producing less waste, why are we encouraging throwaway behaviour? It just doesn’t make sense to me.

White pumpkin fall home decorPHOTO BY ANITA AUSTVIKA

This year, we wont be decorating our house for Fall. Right now, we already have a lot going on, and honestly it’s not really a priority at the moment. I’m saving myself for Christmas - now there’s some seasonal decor I can get on board with! But that’s not to say that I wont be more inclined to decorate for Fall next year. I just think if I do, it’s going to be in a much more sustainable way. In the same way as we reuse our Christmas decorations year after year, why not have Fall decor that can be brought out time and time again?

With that in mind, I’ve rounded up a few of my favourite pieces of timeless Fall home decor that you can keep for years to come, and that wont be rotting on your front porch anytime soon! My suggestions on how to style them? In small groups, one or two pumpkins here and there. Maybe a cute doormat (I’ve had my eye on this ‘Hey there pumpkin’ one for a while, but I think that’s more because it’s The Boy’s nickname for me!) And maybe the odd chunky knit blanket. That’s really all you need. These are pieces that should accent your existing decor, not replace it. If it feels like you’re going overboard, you probably are! A little goes a long way as they say!

water hyacinth pumpkin natural opalhouse target WATER HYACINTH PUMPKIN NATURAL

Birch Pumpkin Natural
Knit White Pumpkin Target
Hey there pumpkin doormat
Let me know if you’re decorating for Fall, and what you’re planning to use. I’d love to see photos too!

Michelle x

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