Canadian Province Sticker Launch


I'm back with another mini product launch for you! Today, it's travel sticker time! And I'm featuring Canadian Province stickers.

I'm really excited about this particular launch, well any Canada map art really if I'm honest! Being a Canadian small business, it'd be weird not to be, right?! But after launching the UK, Scotland and Wales stickers at the end of last year, these have been high on my wish list for 2021 product launches, so I'm really excited to bring them to you.

Alberta canada stickerOntario stickerprince edward island sticker

I have map stickers available in 2 different sizes for each of the provinces below:

- British Columbia sticker

- Alberta sticker

- Saskatchewan sticker

- Manitoba sticker

- New Brunswick sticker

- Ontario sticker

- Quebec sticker

- Prince Edward Island sticker

- Nova Scotia sticker 

- Newfoundland and Labrador sticker

British columbia stickerCanada stickerQuebec sticker

Plus each of the Territories too:

- Nunavut sticker

- Yukon sticker

- Northwest Territories sticker

yukon stickernorthwest territories stickerNunavut sticker

As well as each of the Provinces and Territories, theres also a little bonus of Vancouver Island, because it was highly requested, and you know I like to base my products around your feedback! (Side note, if there's a location you'd like me to feature next, let me know in the comments below so I can add it to my list!)

- Vancouver Island sticker

Vancouver island sticker

These map stickers are great for all sorts of things. I like to use them on notebooks and planners, but they also look great on your laptop or tablet, or generally just anywhere around your home.

I spent MANY hours testing them to see how waterproof they are, and I can confidently say you can get them wet without worrying - however I wouldn't recommend you use them on things that will need regular washing, such as water bottles, as they may start to get a bit worn over time. But if you need to just give them a quick wipe - go right ahead! I also treat them with a UV protection spray to stop them fading with sunlight.

Which is your favourite Canadian Province map sticker? Obviously I'm biased, but I have to pick Alberta, I did choose Calgary as my home after all! I'd love to hear in the comments below which travel sticker you'd pick!

Michelle x

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